• With program register
  • Control and monitoring system for singers
  • With operating data logging (optional)
  • supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system (optional)
  • Control and regulation of all singeing parameters
    –    flame intensity
    –    fabric speed
    –    fabric temperature
    –    singeing position
    –    hairiness measure and controlling associated with Hairinessmonitoring (optional)

The operation of fabric singers is considerably simplified by this high-tech product. The function of the SENG-MATIC is based on the interdependence of the fabric temperature and the singeing effect. The use of the process controller keeps the singeing effect constant at all times excluding the possibility of damage to the fabric. Even when the singeing machines are part of a continuous production line where the cloth speed varies in relation to the process, the SENG-MATIC guarantees trouble-free operation with maximum economy and excellent results.