• With 2 cleaning rollers (combined beating / brushing ), brushing only, beating only and Flex-rollers
  • Individually driven by inverter-controlled AC motors
  • Cleaning intensity adjustable
  • Dust extraction by a heavy fan via two ducts placed alongside the fabric on both sides
  • Dust collection by cyclone filters respectively air washers


combine beating brushing

brushing only

beating only – flex rollers

Well prepared and cleaned fabric is a pre-condition for good singeing. Fabric heavily vibrates due to the beating bars. Dust, fibres and other residues get loosened and are extracted, fibres sticking to the surface get lifted by the brush segments presenting it in such a way that they easily can be singed-off. Cleaning after singeing is as well of importance, impregnating liquor remains cleaner and reduced amount of dust in the following process steps especially on drying cans. Last but not least good cleaning devices help to improve the working condition.

air washer

cyclone filter